Crazy Beautiful

Raising a family is the most important, most difficult and frustrating, and most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Add to it that not only are we raising up 4 little men of God, but that we are also being raised up and grown up ourselves and you have one crazy beautiful mess.

Life isn’t always exactly what you thought it would be, and it doesn’t always turn out the way you would have planned it. I never knew I’d have 4 boys by 30 for example. But then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way (most days anyhow).

Each of my children are different. Each day has it’s own challenges. My husband and I are different, and well that presents challenges too. Parenting alone can be a crazy journey but there is so much more to being raised up as a family than just parenting alone.

I’ve found that it takes a great deal of dedication, discipline, prayer, and forgiveness to make this thing called Christian life work. We are all very busy, not just as a family but as a culture. My kids are in school and are growing into their own versions of themselves, my husband and I both work and are both committed to doing the work of the ministry as God calls us to. We are committed to discipleship in our home and among our peers which also creates another layer of activity.

All of this together, along with a so far 9 year strong marriage to continue cultivating, can seem like a lot to balance. Truthfully the hardest part is laundry for me…well and finding time cuz we all know time is short.

I hope to inspire someone else whose journey crosses  the same lines as mine does. My posts can’t be limited to parenting because parenting isn’t limited to our kids. Parenting includes everything that makes us who we are so that we can better raise them to be who God called them to be. That said welcome to my journey of adulting, marriage, parenting, ministry, housekeeping, couponing, cleaning, growing, and whatever else may come along that meets the title Raising Up The Holloways. Enjoy and God Bless!!



3 thoughts on “Crazy Beautiful

  1. Sierra, I and so proud of you…you don’t give up…you keep on following God and His plan for you and your family. God is so good and so faithful. You have a great heritage with your late Grandpa Charles and Grandma Bonnie Stribling. They paved a great, awesome path for you to follow….I get to sit on the sidelines praying and encouraging watching you and Lee as you lead your family to Jesus! Keep up the good work! Love you to the 9’s!


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