From Pot Holes to Donut Holes

“Get Your Shoes Now!” “We are going to be late!” “What do you mean you slipped? Look at your clothes!” “Not again!” “LJ! Colby! Ashton! Elijah! Whatever your name is; Get in the car NOW!!!”

Sound like anyone you know?? Some Sunday mornings, school morning, doctor appointment mornings, this sounds like me. Getting 4 kids ready to do anything can be a fiasco and can quite frankly cause for a very bumpy morning. Add in that daddy has often gone ahead of us and it’s left to mom to get it done, be presentable, be on time, and not be a nut case and you have a major task at hand that needs to be made simple to avoid the potholes.

A simple solution that we love and that is cheap, easy, and quick is breakfast on the go to go. For us there are a couple of choices, each around a dollar per person. When we have time to sit as a family we frequent McDonalds where we’ve made a Sunday morning family of McDonalds Churchgoes. We grab dollar biscuits, sweet tea for the grown ups, and water cups for the kids. (Heaven knows they don’t need tea before Sunday School).

When I’m in a bigger hurry, I swing through the local donut shop and grab a dozen donut holes per kids (about 1.29 each), separated in little white bags. While they are a little stickier, my mom bag always has baby wipes, and it satisfies their hungry tummies, hopefully aiding in a melt down free morning.

You see it’s not about being perfect. It’s about finding what works for you and your family. Some mornings, I just don’t have time to cook, and they want something other than cereal (especially if we had it for dinner). It may seem a little irresponsible to you, but for me it’s better than not feeding them at all and it’s creating a few simple yet special memories.


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