Sometimes You Let Em Cry It Out

Ok moms…let me bring you some relief. You’ve fed them lunch, bathed them, sang to them, watched every PBS show known to man, cuddled, soothed, and cried with them. But all to no avail. We all have a moment where the baby is screaming for no apparent reason, we’ve tried everything under the sun and over the rainbow and they are inconsolably tired beyond themselves, and quite frankly beyond us. There is nothing left to do but to give in to yourself, to your own sanity, and let them cry it out!

Don’t feel guilty. Do not for heaven’s sake beat yourself up. Do not give in. They will be fine. They are probably in need of a good tear duct cleanse. It does not make you less of a mom. They are not going to have separation anxiety from an occasional cry to sleep.

Instead relax. Have a cup of coffee. Brush your teeth. Change out of yesterdays clothes. Breathe a moment. Pick up your Bible and soak in a few minutes of God’s presense.

It’s good to cuddle them, rock them, and read them to sleep. My favorite bedtime routine is reading and praying. But sometimes, it’s okay to throw in the towel and just let them work it out. Can’t read over screaming anyhow. There’s always another nap time to successfully execute quality time.


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