The Fruit Comes After The Labor

Ever feel like God sent you someone as an assignment? Sometimes we have people strategically dropped into our lives so we can aid them in finding God’s path for their life. And, more often than not, those assignments are difficult. 

My husband and I have had the unique opportunity to watch God bring forth fruit from what was a very tedious and at times difficult task of pouring into someone that He brought into our lives.

Long story short, and fast forward a few years, tears, and long nights of prayer; and we have really watched God do a work. God has cultivated the seeds sewn in that young man’s life. It was a long road full of battles. There were times it would have been easier to throw in the towel. I didn’t know if we would ever get through to him, but it wasn’t our job to.

God didn’t ask us to change him. He asked us to love him unconditionally, be an example in our own walks, and to trust Him to do the rest.

Looking back I can honestly say it was worth every moment and its a testimony to never giving up on someone. I have to give full credit to God because without Him we’d have goven up and the seed would have fallen on the rocks. But God is bigger, His plans are greater, and He always comes through.


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