A Blessing In Disguise

So we are off and out without any kids. We have 3 hours to go and eat and celebrate 9 years of surviving marriage. The first dilemma? Indecisiveness. We both suffer from it and it has plagued us every date night for the last 12 years. 

Tonight we opted against Texas Road House because of a wait. It was still early and who wants to wait, right? So we go, on a whim, down to the coast to do some good ‘ol face stuffing at the Silver Slipper Casino. The line, I kid you not,was around the corner with a nearly 2 hour wait. Now at this point hunger is kicking in, he’s becoming frustrated, I’m getting hangry, and we’re not sure what we are going to eat.

Time is running short and we certainly don’t want to have wasted a date night and not get to eat. So now what? We bicker with Google looking for a place to fit our taste buds and our wallets. Another 20 minutes of driving, and we decide to hit up Shaggy’s Seafood in Pass Christian. Can I say what an experience.

We were seated outside where the breeze and sunset were perfect. The atmosphere alone made our hour away like a vacation. The menu offered a nice variety and we were able to get good advice from our waitress. Lee had the Seafood Platter (no oysters) and I had Grilled Shrimp Tacos, for the first time and it was all delicious.

The bill wound up being $25 less than we would have spent before tip at a casino. Upon leaving we have decided this must have been just what we needed to do and right where we needed to eat.

We were originally disappointed in our change of plans but it wound up being a much needed, intimate, quiet date that we will be sure to repeat. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to have the “perfect time” at the “best restaurant” that we forget why we went on a date night in the first place. There was no place I’d rather have been in that moment than looking over the water, enjoying the view, enjoying my husband.


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