A Servant’s Heart – VBS 2017

Ministry can be all kinds of things but when it comes to Vacation Bible School, Ministry can be a whole lot of fun! I have to say that this summer’s VBS at RiverLife Fellowship had to be my favorite yet. 

Hero Central was the theme, which as far as themes go, Heroes are always a hit! The kids had a blast, the mass majority gave their hearts to Jesus or rededicated their lives to Christ, and power of the Holy Spirit was tangible.

But there was something else that happened this year at Vacation Bible School. There was a shift in the atmosphere as we had as many adults as we had kids, and not because our numbers were low! We had volunteers in every department, running out the wood works, day and night, for weeks in advance.

When it came time to minister to the kids there were three of us ladies in charge of the Bible Story Room. We did our best to make the stories engaging, entertaining, and to the point. The last 2 days we called altar calls for Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Can I tell you that the leaders from the oldest to the youth, showed up at that altar to pray and to pour into the lives of the kids.

I have to say I love these kinds of events because they are team building events and they pull people together in terms of getting things done. But this year was special. The feel in our church was fresh and alive even more than it normally is. When people come together to serve, in one accord, with one focus, and one heart, God moves and great things begin to happen. Our greatest Hero is Jesus Christ and for VBS the superheroes, well they were the servants.

Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you will be your servant. 


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