Kids Just Want To Have Fun

So the other Sunday, I’m walking out of church, close to pulling my 6 year old Colby by the ear to the car, and I have to ask him for the millionth time why? Why don’t you do what your told? Why did you misbehave in church today? Why Colby won’t you sit still and listen? Why? Why? Why? His response: I just want to have fun mom.

In a society where rules and regulations guide our every move, it’s no wonder kids are bouncing off the walls and looking to have a little fun. We have a tendency to conform so much to what the world expects of us that we’re literally losing sight of what it means to be a kid.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a time and a place for play and a time and a place for structured learning. I also fully believe a child should learn to respect and obey authority, and that authorities are placed in our lives by God, therefore we honor Him when we obey authority.

Being a public school parent, there is only so much I can do to help aid in the need for my kids to sit still for long periods of time and learn in a lecture style enviornment. I am blessed to live in an awesome school disrtict and have thus far had great teachers for my kids. However, I as the parent, do have control over what happens when my boys get home.

There are days that I am exhausted and I put a stop to the craft bonanza, volcano making, rain playing, and just ask them to come in and settle down, but I read somewhere one time to try saying “yes” more than you say “no”. While it’s not always a perect balance of yeses over no’s this is something I try very earnestly to remember when responding to my kids pleas to just have a little fun.

I have found that the more times I say yes, the less frustrated I become. Often I wind up getting a little bit of extra hands free time to do what I need to because they are happily occupied. And while I am the one who has to clean up the mess, the memories are what it’s all about.


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