Morning Jump Start

Ever wonder what in the world you could do to make you day flow better. I know I have! I wonder how can I not be in a rush with my kids, how can I stay on top of the endless mountain of laundry, how can I manage to get a few moments of quiet before the beautiful hustle and bustle of life gets going. The answer is simple but it requires discipline and a willingness to push yourself. The answer lies in an age old saying…

“the early bird gets the worm!” I know you’ve heard it before but I’m going to say it again, getting up early is key to a successful day and a successful household when it comes to being super mom.

Let me lay out the accomplishments of a morning well played. 2 loads of laundry folded and the washer and dryer is locked and loaded with more weekend debris. Dishwasher unloaded and awaiting tonight’s dinner dishes. Tea brewed and cooling to be made when I return from work. Bed made. My laundry sorted and ready to be put away. Shower, dry hair, makeup, dressed to my shoes. Verse of the day read, devotional read, news watched briefly to keep up to date on the latest tropical weather. Hummingbird feeder cleaned and filled. Kids snacks packed and water bottles cooled in the freezer. Everyone up dressed and fed before school (even though they’ll still eat school breakfast). Bookbags checked. Prayers said. Caught the school bus no problem. Little bit of outside time with the little kids. Packed lunch for work. Out the house. All by 8:30. Sounds like alot???

The secret is I went to bed at 11:30 and I was back up at 5:30. I got right to moving and didn’t allow the sleepiness to win. Once going it’s easy to get in the groove. It is also alot easier when you begin looking for the blessing in the messes. Like dirty laundry equals kids that played and had fun all weekend. Dishes to put away equals meals well spent with family. Get the drift. No time for prayer. Pray as you go. Give thanks for each obstacle as you overcome. Takes the work out of it and turns it into your ministry.

I’m by no means saying that it will always be easy to get going. I know firsthand that it is hard to create the early morning habit. Today I conquered it. Tomorrow I’m going to shoot for 10 minutes earlier. I’ll keep working my way back until I get to the point of having enough quiet time. It may take some adjustments. It may take going to sleep a little earlier. But I know the benefits. As I sit here and think on my morning I’m proud to say I did it. I rocked out the mom of 4 boys thing this morning. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to improve not only for me but for them.

You see taking care of mom is taking care of them. If you get to a point where you are too busy to get in the word, get yourself dressed, and take care of your chores then well quite frankly you are too busy. There are only a few ways to make more time. Eliminate something or manage your time better. Getting up earlier is a time management life hack. It solves the issues of not enough time to get the essentials done and creates an opportunity for a time alone with God. Can’t get better than that.

So go ahead set your alarm 10 minutes earlier this week. Next week add 10 more. Before you know it you’ll be cruising through the day accomplish more before the day gets started than you were by the end of the day.

Luke 21:38 And all the people would get up early in the morning to come to Him in the temple to listen to Him.

Proverbs 31:15 She rises also while it is still night And gives food to her household And portions to her maidens.


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