Kids Just Want To Have Fun

So the other Sunday, I’m walking out of church, close to pulling my 6 year old Colby by the ear to the car, and I have to ask him for the millionth time why? Why don’t you do what your told? Why did you misbehave in church today? Why Colby won’t you sit still and listen? Why? Why? Why? His response: I just want to have fun mom. Continue reading


Marriage Monday Tip #15

The power of life and death are in the tongue. Speak life over your marriage and watch it thrive. Speak death and watch it wither to ashes. God has given us the power, we have to choose to use it for good.


Avoid complaining or talking negatively about your spouse on the workplace or anywhere else. Doing this can harm the trust levels you both have and can have undesirable effects.

Enjoy your week!

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